Our History

The Sunraysia Cancer Support Group Inc has been assisting local cancer patients since 1980. The Group has provided moral support, information about travel and accommodation options to out of town treatment centres and, in some cases, financial assistance to people and families living with cancer.

Since its inception the Group has worked tirelessly to provide equipment for use in the local hospitals and in patients’ homes to make their lives a bit more comfortable.

Sunraysia Cancer Resources (SCR) is an initiative of the Sunraysia Cancer Support Group Inc. It provides support and information, and facilitates access to services for people and families faced with living with a life-threatening diagnosis.

SCR’s aim is to ‘make their journey a little easier’ by assisting them to navigate their way through the maze of emotions, information needed and strategies to deal with the road ahead of them. SCR is situated in Mildura, Victoria, however the services offered are equally available to both NSW and Victorian residents in both North West Victoria and Far South West of NSW.
Sunraysia Cancer Resources commenced in November 2006 with a seeding grant over two years, from the Australian Government, through Cancer Australia to enhance and improve cancer services, information and supportive programs and resources to people living with a cancer diagnosis. SCR first opened its doors to the public in February 2007.

Loddon Mallee Integrated Cancer Services provided a one-off grant of $33,000 for fit-out to enable SCR to purchase furniture and other equipment to provide a place where people in their distress would feel comfortable and secure whilst sourcing information or support relevant to their needs.

It’s the kind of service most people are more than happy not to know about but every day SCR is a lifeline for people who, without warning, are thrown into the turmoil that comes with a cancer diagnosis. For most people the support is crucial at a time when they desperately need someone who knows the system and can help them along the way.

The Sunraysia Cancer Resources’ shopfront is at 210 Thirteenth St and was a first in Victoria when it opened in 2007, but it’s since inspired several others across the state.
Sunraysia Cancer Resources 
ABN 50 681 685 892
210 Thirteenth Street
Mildura, Victoria 3500
Telephone: (03) 5025 8866
Email: admin@scr.org.au
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:30am to 3:30pm