Fundraising Events

The Fundraising Committee would not be able to raise funds if they did not have the backing of the public. Some of the volunteers have been working for the committee for the whole 10 years. The Business Houses of Mildura have provided food and generously supported raffles, wineries have supplied wine for a complimentary drink and for sale, and Volunteers and committee members make the salads and desserts.

All money raised stays local and contributes to the daily running of the Sunraysia Cancer Resource Centre.


Oaks Day:
The Oaks Day Luncheon event began when a group of ladies from the Sunraysia Cancer Support Group decided they would like to do extra fundraising. Sunraysia Cancer Resources was in its infancy and money was needed to run the centre. The group decided to donate the takings from the luncheon to Sunraysia Cancer Resources.

In their first year the group raised around $4,000. It was such a success that they decided to do it on a yearly basis and now raise around $10,000 each year. Over the last 10 years they have raised over $65,000. It is now the Fundraising Committee’s main fundraising event and gives the ladies who attend, the chance to dress up, have a delicious lunch, complimentary glass of wine and participate in sweeps, raffles and ‘fashions in the field’.


Garden Walk 2022:
After two years Sunraysia Cancer Resources Fundraising Committee were finally able to hold their Garden Walk….. What a day for a family friendly experience! 

Experiencing 4 private gardens, The Grange, The Sky Garden, Anna Argiro’s in Cowra Avenue and Neallie Street Red Cliffs.
A really big thankyou to the owners for gifting their spaces, our wonderful volunteers and helpers on the day, our sponsors, The Lilly Pilly Shed, Sunraysia Resort, Bunnings, Plantarium and the Mildura Weekly; as we couldn’t have done it without you.


Eden on Dow:

Eden on Dow hosted a Garden Party/High Tea fundraiser. Raising a smidge over $8,000
A huge thank you to everyone involved; you worked so hard baking such delicious treats, setting up, serving and cleaning up on the day with such energy, enthusiasm and warmth.
To view this beautiful nursery, head to 163 Dow Avenue, Birdwoodton VIC or Facebook: Eden on Dow.
      Oaks Day


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